The entrance of corredores cave

We started the field work for 2016 on 2nd January with the Corredores Cave near the town Neily. The conditions were perfect – low river level and dry weather – very important for visiting cave with underground stream such as Corredores. This is one of the biggest and most interesting cave systems in Brunca region with total length of 3,5 km and possibilities for future discoveries.

Corredores cave

Our small team had the big task to investigate the environmental conditions and the bat diversity in the cave. After three hours of walking, swimming, crawling and climbing up and down we managed to observe the whole area up to impassable siphon, where the cave becomes fully underwater.

The underground river


Observing the bat colony in Corredores cave

The bat diversity in this cave is enormous. Past research shows the presence of 7 bat species with hundreds of individuals. Our visit confirmed the importance of this cave for the local bats. We observed hundreds of bats and different species in the different areas of the cave. Our work here is not done yet.

Measuring the temperature and humidity


Fruit eating bats in the cave

This post is created as part of a project “Protecting Unique Cave Systems in Costa Rica Using Bats as Flagship Taxa” supported by Rufford Small Grand Foundation. 

Corredores Cave
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