We started the project field work in December 2015 together with the experienced cavers from the Anthros Group. Our small expedition was held between 26 and 28th December around the town of Neily. The main goal was to find and explore a cave that we don’t have any data about.

Searching the cave


We spent the first day searching the cave in the dense forest, but we couldn’t find it. Fortunately with the help of a local guide we managed to find and explore the unknown cave on the second day of our expedition.

The cave had  two vertical passages, so we used special equipment and single rope technique to descent to the bottom.

Rigging the vertical part of the cave

Inside the cave we found two large bat colonies.

Bat colony

The cave was surveyed and now is part of the Anthros database.

Our team

This post is created as part of a project “Protecting Unique Cave Systems in Costa Rica Using Bats as Flagship Taxa” supported by Rufford Small Grand Foundation. 


Field work in December
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